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Traffic signs

Traffic signs
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Reflective assemblies for signalling particularly dangerous areas/obstacles
The reflective assemblies are intended for signalling the particularly dangerous areas or obstacles on roads, the roundabout areas, driving ways dividers, safety islands, refuges etc. The reflective assemblies are formed of: traffic sign, plastic pole with polygonal section, metal tube pole. The
Reflective Road Signs

Intended for road signalling on all road categories – European, national, county, urban.

Reflective traffic signs equipped with lamps type LED
Intended for supplementary signalling, with lighting devices for the areas with high risk of accidents. The flashes are controlled by an electronic device, which allows them to opperate with variable frequencies and for a certain period, even when the main voltage supply is temporarily out. 1 Sup
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Signs for signalling works that affect the road traffic

Intended for signalling the road works on all road categories – European, national, county, urban.

The road signs have technical agrement issued by INCERTRANS approved by Permanent Technic Council of Construction and are manufactured according to the legal norms and standards.